Driver Tools

Driver Tools

Driver tools allows R & R drivers to access pay settlements, signature forms, print & download documents, training videos and much more.

Company Newsletters

Company Newsletters

R & R Trucking Group

“We Want Your Business!”

Thank you for your interest in the R & R Trucking Group. R & R Trucking, AATCO and NEI represent North America's premier, specialized carriers of ultra sensitive cargo for government and commercial entities. Our cargo expertise extends into the areas of radioactive materials, munitions, explosives, and general freight.

  • Approved by DOT, DOD, DOE, NRC
  • Electronic Data Interchange
  • 24/7 Operations Personnel
  • Stringent Driver Requirements
  • Assignment by Commodities
  • National Emergency Response Plan
  • Satellite Communications
  • Satellite Shipment Tracking
  • Nationwide Terminals
  • Stellar Safety Record
  • Dedicated Services
  • Expedited Services

We look forward to transporting all your sensitive cargo.
Give one of our commodity specialists a call today.

Government or Commercial Explosives
Marti Burkhart – 800-625-6885 ext 2120

Gary McCandless – 800-625-6885 ext 2139

Radioactive and Hazardous Waste
Sarah Hogan – 800-625-6885 ext 2185

Dale Jones – 800-625-6885 ext 2128

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