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Company Newsletters

Company Newsletters

R & R Trucking, Inc. Forecasts Growth for 2017

Sales Expands Outreach to Commercial Markets in Explosives and Hazardous Materials Arenas

JOPLIN, Mo. January 17, 2017

R & R Trucking, Inc. announced today they are expanding their sales efforts in the commercial explosives and hazardous materials arenas for 2017. R & R Trucking, Inc., with its group of carriers, AATCO and NEI, is North America’s largest trucking company that specializes in the transport of sensitive cargo. The vast majority of this cargo is transported for the United States Government.

"At the end of the day it all comes down to growth and profitability for our stakeholders and we believe there are unique opportunities outside government freight," says Bill Dooling, R & R Chief Financial Officer. "In particular, we anticipate growth for our carriers in the explosives and hazardous materials commercial markets, which is why we plan to aggressively pursue this type of freight going forward."

The company's ambitious plans to expand its commercial sales and marketing efforts are already evident. In addition to new sales and marketing sections on and a new promotional video, email campaigns are in the works to specifically target potential new market segments. "Not only do we have our marketing and sales materials put together for a strategic sales push," says Billy Graham, R & R Director of Sales and Special Projects, "we've also added the necessary resources in the sales department. We're confident we can promptly respond to commercial customers interested in our transportation services."

To handle its projected sales growth, the company is committed to adding equipment and more team truck drivers. According to Kevin McKelvy, R & R Vice President of Administration, driver retention at R & R is far better than the industry norm. "Driver hires were up last year, and we are well positioned to add as many driver teams as necessary to handle increased capacity this year," says McKelvy.

"Controlled growth is important to our company," says R & R CEO Phil Nelson. "We must allocate the proper resources at the right time and be nimble enough to adjust our growth as the market demands."

R & R’s logistic and equipment capabilities encompass tanker, dry van, flatbed, dromedary and other specialized transportation equipment. Its mission is to provide transportation services to customers safely and efficiently by utilizing quality personnel and resources.

For more information about R & R Trucking, Inc. transportation services, contact Billy Graham, 417-623-6885 ext. #2133, or visit R & R’s website –


Billy Graham

R & R Trucking, Inc.

417-623-6885 Ext: #2133

"Controlled growth is important to our company."

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