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Driver tools allows R & R drivers to access pay settlements, signature forms, print & download documents, training videos and much more.

Company Newsletters

Company Newsletters

Audio Podcasts

DATE: 12/15/15

TO: R & R Drivers

TITLE: R & R Safety Message

GUESTS: David Vargyas

DESCRIPTION: David Vargyas, Assistant Safety Director, discusses the rise in CSA Vehicle Maintenance numbers at R & R. Click To Listen

DATE: 12/02/15

TO: R & R Drivers

TITLE: R & R Drivers -- Phil Nelson December 2015 Audio Podcast

GUESTS: Phil Nelson, Andy & Lisa DesJardins

DESCRIPTION: Phil talks about freight, blessings, the importance of communications and our military veterans. Click To Listen

DATE: 11/25/15

TO: Military Veterans

TITLE: Truck Driving Jobs For Military Veterans

GUESTS: Phil Nelson, Andy & Lisa DesJardins

DESCRIPTION: This show is geared for military veterans seeking a career in the field of truck driving. Click To Listen

DATE: 11/05/15

TO: R & R Drivers

TITLE: Phil Nelson Audio Podcast for November 2015

GUESTS: Phil Nelson

DESCRIPTION: Phil Nelson describes technology changes at R & R and gives praise to R & R drivers for R & R’s continued success. Click To Listen

DATE: 8/17/15

TO: All Professional Drivers

TITLE: Use Leverage for More Pay & Home Time

GUESTS: Kevin McKelvy

DESCRIPTION: As a professional driver team, how can you leverage your experience against the current market conditions in the trucking industry? Is it possible to advance your trucking career during times when freight is soft? Can you demand more money for the jobs you perform? Can you demand more time off and still make more money? Find out the answers to all these questions. Click To Listen

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