Thank you for this opportunity to present our three companies, R & R Trucking, Inc., AATCO, Inc., and NEI Transport, LLC. We are proud of these organizations; its people, its environment and the quality transportation services they provide to our customers.

We are a highly specialized motor carrier group, providing freight services to the Department of Defense, the radioactive materials market and commercial explosives customers. Our drivers feel a sense of pride in serving our nations military. There are only 18 trucking companies that do what we do and we are the biggest and the best.

We have grown rapidly over the past several years from 20 trucks to over 300 trucks. Our success has resulted from attracting talented operations personnel with many years of experience in the Company's markets. Of equal importance is hiring and retaining qualified professional drivers. Working together, our drivers and non-driver personnel provide excellent service to our core customers. Our success in hiring and retaining drivers results from the following:

  • Provide an excellent pay package.
  • Keep the drivers productively busy.
  • Provide a comfortable and attractive owner operator type tractor, maintained to the highest levels.
  • Treat the drivers like business partners and friends.

We have been careful to match the rate of driver and tractor capacity growth to our increase in business with our core customers. Fortunately, our customers are demanding us to haul more freight than we have drivers to handle. We need more good drivers to handle this business and we would be pleased to have you as a part of our organization. We are looking for teams and single drivers.

Contact Dan Howard at 1-866-204-8006 to talk further about our companies and obtain an application. We can take your application over the phone or by email. We can get you into orientation and out earning money very quickly and easily. I truly look forward to meeting you.

Jeff Herr
President and CEO