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Driver tools allows R & R drivers to access pay settlements, signature forms, print & download documents, training videos and much more.

Company Newsletters

Company Newsletters

The Camaraderie Truly Can Continue

Why should you choose R & R Trucking for your next career path?

  • We have a "spirit of camaraderie" and an unwavering commitment to our military men and women
  • 30 percent of R & R's drivers are military veterans
  • Our expertise is in the transportation of sensitive cargo for the DOD
  • R & R company teams average $120,000 per year
  • Company teams earn 2 days off for each OTR week out

If you want to continue to serve and be part of a special team -- then R & R is for you. Do you have what it takes?

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The R & R Military Veteran Driver Recruiting Video is a must see for all veterans wishing to enter the field of truck driving.

"Camaraderie to me means -- I got your back"

Lisa DesJardins shares with R & R Executive Team her passion for military veterans.

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"The Camaraderie Continues"

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